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Katie Kovach

Position: Game Master

Growing up in both the United States and Europe instilled in me a great love of culture, history, fantasy, books, writing, storytelling, and, most importantly, creating safe spaces for people to belong. I've worked with kids of all ages in various capacities for the past 15 years, including as a camp counselor and private tutor in various subjects such as history, English, economics, and writing. I have a BA in Philosophy and Theological studies, and I have worked as a PhD research assistant, edited BA and master’s level papers and dissertations, and worked for 5+ years as a freelance ghostwriter. I currently work as an emergency management planner, but my real passion is Dungeons and Dragons.

I've been running DnD games for the last 5 years and I've found there's a lot of crossover between emergency management planning and being a Dungeon Master - whether I'm planning transportation contingencies in case of flooding or pivoting my story to make room for my players’ unexpected-yet-creative solution to a puzzle, I love using my creativity and quick thinking to provide a safe space for everyone and – in the case of D&D – ensure my players have a chance to feel like heroes while learning important skills like problem solving, quick math, social interaction, and creative thinking, all while providing a place for players to build confidence, form friendships, and be part of a community.