Teen VR Clubs

Have fun and enhance skills for the future of work and computing

more than immersive learning experiences

The teens of today are stepping into the workforce of the future. After the pandemic hybrid and remote work as skyrocketed. Metaverse managers are a new job category. Understanding spatial computing, A.I., metaverse experiences, VR & AR and more are going to be essential skills before we know it.

The Guild's VR clubs for teens focus on these experiences and learning opportunities. We have classes that deal with these immerginf technologies so that your teen wil be fluent when the time comes.

Joining VR Clubs With The Guild

VR Clubs with Guild of imagination focus on showing others respect, listening to ideas and acting as if the other people were actually in the same room as you. For teens we offer fun clubs like Beat Saber, but we also offer learning opportunities to ensure teens are ready for the workplace of today.

Each week your teen will be able to choose which club they'd like to attend so they can get a good mix of what's offered.

To learn more about how our sessions are run please visit the F.A.Q. page.

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